Your child deserves a healthy smile!

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Your child deserves a healthy smile!

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It’s been a long time, I remember, since my parents were chasing me around to brush my teeth.
I recall the way I felt when they got me to the dentist with that characteristic carnation oil smell, the noise of the drill and the bizarre tools… I would react and my parents, right next to me, would try to calm me down by telling me it was for my own good. “If there is another way to cure your teeth, let us know and we will do it with pleasure” my mother would say to me strictly but tenderly, every time I whined. “I will find out and I will tell you” I recall telling her time and time again with an incredible childish stubbornness. That’s how my journey in the world of pediatric dentistry began.
In Our Dental Office in Glyfada
… learn to gradually develop a healthy relationship with their body and image and with all the people who, alongside them, take care of it.
… comprehend that prevention is of utmost importance while learning all the hygiene and nutrition practices that ensure it from a young age.
… build a relationship of trust with us, even when some sort of damage needs to be coped with (dental caries, abscess, extraction)
… are reassured in case they happen to start their relationship with the pediatric dentist belatedly and realize that tooth pain is an acceptable experience since the therapist knows the painless therapeutic techniques and options.
As responsible therapists:
… emphasize the initiation of the children and their parents into oral health from the age of about three with regular check-ups and continuous education and reminding of the means and ways of prevention.
… implement the necessary dental treatments in a pleasurable and painless manner, while explaining everything to the children in the language that they understand according to their age, inside our appropriately formed rooms with cheerful colors and our colorful suits.
… absolutely comprehend that our greatest reward through our interaction with the children is that they develop a positive dental experience from a young age, having safeguarded their dental health, which is going to lead them to becoming conscious and proper patients as adults.
as responsible guardians are the ones who must make the final decision and choice for the best possible provision of service and care, pertaining to the dental health of your children.

So if your expectations correspond to our philosophy and approach, we are at your disposal and you can contact or schedule an appointment with Pediatric Dentist Pavlidou Christina in her dental office in Glyfada.

Christina Pavlidou
Pediatric Dentist
Was born in Amfissa, Phocis in 1966 and originates from Volos.
Studied in Athens School of Dentistry from 1983 up to 1988 and continued her postgraduate studies in Pediatric Dentistry in Paris VII University, in Paris, where she worked at first as a trainee and subsequently as a salaried dentist in St. Vincent-de-Paul Children’s Hospital as well as in Paris’s private sector from 1988 to 1992.

Ever since 1992 she is exclusively occupied with Pediatric Dentistry for children and adolescents in her private dental office, regularly following annual seminars that offer incessant education, PanHellenic congresses pertaining to Pediatric Dentistry as well as several worldwide ones.
Is a member of Hellenic Society of Paediatric Dentistry.
Is a founding member of Scientific Society for Sports Dentistry Hellas since 2014.